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Recycled Glass Jar Program

♻️ Did you know the jars we use are made of 100% recycled glass❔

We have a fun way for us to continue to recycle them + save you $$!

  1. Bring your Woosah Co. candle jar back to us once it's finished and get money off your next purchase with us. One Woosah Co. candle jar of any size brought back to us = $2 off your next purchase.
  2. Not local or have a different way you want to reuse your jar? That's okay! Just share a picture to your social media story of how you're reusing your Woosah Co. candle jar and tag us in it (IG: @woosah-co or FB: Woosah Co.). One share of reusing a Woosah Co. jar = $1 off your next purchase.

🤍 Feel free to leave the jar and remaining wax as is after its last burn, we'll take care of the rest! (Pro Tip: you can even leave the metal wick holder in the bottom of the jar—we can repurpose those, too!)

🌿 Being eco-friendly is one of our main priorities and that's why we chose recycled glass for our candle jars. Each candle comes with a cork lid for your jar and the glass is thick and durable, making them perfect for repurposing into cute jars for holding other things once your candle is finished.